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General Dermatologic Surgery

Surgery is frequently the recommended option when treating growths and tumors. So when surgery is necessary, look to our proven team of dermatologic surgeons for the results you want.

Specialized Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is an advanced surgical treatment for skin cancer. It combines the techniques of surgery and microscopy to give patients one of the surest ways to remove all cancer cells. Mohs lowers the risk of recurrence and minimizes any negative cosmetic issues

Provides high cure rates

Mohs uses both surgery and microscopy to precisely identify and remove cancer cells during the surgical process. That's why it offers much higher cure rates than conventional surgical procedures.

Offers the lowest probability of regrowth

Not all cancer cells are apparent to the eye. Many "invisible" cells may form roots that extend beyond the visible cancer. If not removed, these cells can lead to recurrence. Mohs surgery helps ensure that all affected cells are removed.

Precisely eliminates diseased tissue while preserving healthy tissue

Mohs relies on the accuracy of a microscope to trace and remove skin cancer down to its roots. Once there's no sign of disease, the process stops. This means only diseased tissue is removed and cosmetic issues are minimized.