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Personel care from one of the Region's Leading Practices

Whether its taking care of an unsual skin condition, performing surgery or providing expert cosmetic thraphy, you want physicians with the right training, skills, and experience on your side.

Individual patients. Individual attention

A lot of us are apprehensive about medical issues. There's a tendency to feel not in control - to feel like a number, rather than an individual. We understand this. That's why personal, focused attention is a key part of our treatment plan. When you get our attention, you get all of it.

One practice, total care

We're proud of our ability to provide almost every facet of dermatologic care within one practice. It helps us control the quality and consistency of care, it enables surer and swifter communication among your care providers, and it provides a single source of responsibility for your treatment. This all adds up to a better medical experience for you.

Advice and treatment that puts people first

It's a fact of life; managed care is here to stay. That's why we participate in a number of quality health plans. When it comes to patient care, however, there are never any conflicts between the best interests of our patients and the economics of insurance coverage. The doctors at Atlantic Dermatologic always put people first.

Direct doctor-patient communication

When you deal with an Atlantic Dermatologic doctor, you deal directly with that doctor. Communications with patients are not delegated to others and access to your doctor is a right, not a privilege. It's yet another way Atlantic Dermatologic puts patients first.